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you think i’m just a ten year old girl with no scents of humour? Well you’re wrong! I care so much for animals and I know how to take care of them!!

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this website is a great opportunity for me to teach people my skills and help people to look after animals better because they are our best friends!

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What dogs can’t eat:

Dogs are not fussy with what they eat but a lot of things are highly poisons for them! corned beef is defiantly one of them! Including: baking powder, caffeine, grapes/raisins and MUCH more!! find out more by emailing me!

What cats can’t eat:

A lot of cats are quite fussy witch is good but they are quite similar to dogs with their eating diet! They cannot eat alcohol, chocolate, coffee, grapes/raisins or dairy!! find out more by emailing me!

What horses can’t eat:

Horses know what they can/can’t eat but here is what they can’t eat: caffeine, avocado, fruits with stones, potatoes, some vegetables or meat products! find out more by emailing me!

When to take your dog for a walk:

Your dog should be having walks daily and having a free run around weekly but walking your dog daily can be hard so make sure it is at least every 3 days!

When to feed your cat:

it is important to only feed cats breakfast and no dinner because other wise your cat can get very fat and possibly very sick!

When to find your horse a friend:

as soon as possible! horses are very social animals and love friends and other horses!

Find out more by emailing me!!

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